Wrap is a modern, dynamically developing company dealing with the protection, protection of objects, buildings, equipment, machines, bridges against external factors! Regardless of their shape, size and location! Our unique product works in industries such as shipping, travel, aviation, shipping, construction, etc. The shrink film used for this purpose is strong, flexible and at the same time resistant to all weather conditions and UV rays. More and more customers appreciate its properties, practical applications and above all a relatively low price. We believe that you will also appreciate its properties and join the group of satisfied customers! Whats more, your company logo can be placed on every packaged and transported item! Thanks to this, a secured, packed item can still be used as an advertisement for your organization! This is a great idea for larger items, containers, construction machinery, vehicles. Large-size shrink wrapping - packing and transporting without restrictions - packing large items, packing for transport, packing cars, packing boats, packing machines, packing sea. We offer a very wide range of services, sale of heat-shrinkable materials, sale of equipment, packaging service, which is why we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our full offer available in the tab Services.



Pakowanie Termokurczliwe - kaptury termokurczliwe na wymiar - kaptury termokurczliwe na zamowienie pod wymiar. SprawdŸ nas.

Opakuj to pakowanie nietypowych kształtów, gabarytów - niezależnie od ich kształtu, rozmiaru i lokalizacji - pakowanie do transportu, pakowanie kontenerów, maszyn, pakowanie modułów; kaptury termokurczliwe na zamowienie (pod wymiar).






Features that distinguish heat shrink packaging from other packaging methods:


on-site services, free transport for larger orders

Full mobility - 24/7 customer access

Aesthetics of the appearance of the packed products and goods

Protection of dimensions against UV radiation, wind, dust, rain, dust, sand, etc.

Possibility to provide ventilation inside the packaged product

Non-standard packing - unusual shape, size



Packaging company PACK - shrink packaging and unrestricted transport - packing large items, packing in shrink film, packing for transport, container packing, car packing, boat packing, machine packing, escalator packing for commercial center, sea packing. Shrink Packaging - large custom shrink hoods - custom shrink hoods to order. Check us out.







Securing your boat for the winter is cheaper than wintering it!


Shrink packaging is also an alternative to wintering boats and yachts.



Techoes for securing boats and yachts:










Ochrona środowiska


Recycling We are aware that heat-shrinkable film is a single-use product and will probably end up in the basket after use. We would like to avoid it, its not an environmentally friendly product. Therefore, we have prepared a completely new, practical solution for you. For each order over 250m2 of foil you will receive a bag to which you can transfer the foil from the wrapped item. The package will have a courier number and a return address to us, in turn we will forward the foil for recycling. In this way, you gain time and consciously dispose of your resources.







Ochrona przyrody


One of the newer services we provide is the protection of bridges during their renovation. Shrink film prevents water poisoning, reduces the amount of vapors, chemicals entering the environment. This form of protection significantly reduces the harmful effects of the bridge renovation process.



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