What orders do we accept?

We have no restrictions "if there is anything to transport or pack, we are able to do it." Buildings, construction cranes, cars and other motor vehicles, building structures, scaffolding, boats, caravans, bulky items requiring transport or weather protection.

Packaging company PACK - shrink packing and unrestricted transport - packing large items, shrink wrapping, packing for transport, car packing, boat packing, machine packing, sea packing



Description of the large format packaging method:
We use the heat-shrinking properties of polyethylene film, which shrinks and adheres tightly to the packaging item under the influence of temperature. Shrink film packaging is tight and protects against weather conditions.
Keeps packed goods clean and additionally protects against UV radiation.
There are no size limits. We are able to secure, during transport, storage or construction and other works, any size - from agricultural and industrial machines, silos, boats to bridges, building constructions and entire buildings.

Shrink packaging works well in virtually every industry, not just industry. Whats more, it allows you to save up to several thousand zlotys! It is an effective protection against pollution, atmospheric conditions, against poorly prepared transport! In addition, it creates comfortable working conditions, friendly to employees and the environment.

Packaging of unusual shapes, dimensions - packaging for transport, packaging containers, machines, packaging modules; custom shrink hoods.



What can we offer:



Shrink film is often used in shipping. Someone who has already purchased yachts, boats often do not even think about storing them. Meanwhile, our solution allows for effective boat protection, wintering yachts, and storage of sailboats. Every owner of marine equipment should have a shrink wrap. When buying expensive equipment, you should rethink its storage. That is why we dedicate our services primarily to people who have nowhere to winter the boat, for whom wintering of marine equipment is problematic. Whats more, you cant forget about transport. There have been cases of scratches or destruction of boats, which is why we offer safe, comprehensive transport of boats. People with this type of equipment should know that boat shrink protection is very effective and inexpensive.



Traveling is an activity that all our customers like. Many of them have modern, advanced campers, caravans, motorhomes, which, unfortunately, does not care enough. And this is a mistake, because inadequate protection of these advanced means of communication results not only in their slow destruction, but also in reducing aesthetic values. For our part, we want to show that shrink film will also work in this case. We want to propose a way to store motorhomes for both caravans and motorhomes. It is an effective, inexpensive and at the same time visually attractive way to secure motorhomes. The extraordinary advantage of our shrink film is also the lack of need for additional space. Storage of trailers, storage of motorhomes in this way can take place in the open air, because the film effectively protects against the effects of weather conditions, UV rays. Therefore, even securing advanced equipment, securing motorhomes, securing trailers can be done thanks to our foil! Just call us!



Contrary to appearances, shrink film allows you to protect not only small objects. We prove that we also secure huge objects, such as airplanes, gliders, helicopters, airframes. Therefore, if someone has their own glider and is interested in securing gliders, they will find the right service for us. Thanks to this, without having a professional hangar, it can effectively protect your glider. But thats not all, we also offer private helicopter and airframe securing. We also invite larger companies to cooperate with, which we can offer aircraft storage, helicopter storage and airframe storage. The offer is interesting because it does not require additional space, the machines are carefully protected, protected against weather conditions and UV rays. The offer is beneficial for both private recipients and companies.




Packaging of objects with the use of heat-shrink foil will be perfect for both individual clients and companies. We offer comprehensive protection of items for export p

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