What orders do we accept?


We have no restrictions "if there is anything to transport or pack, we are able to do it." Buildings, construction cranes, cars and other motor vehicles, building structures, scaffolding, boats, caravans, bulky items requiring transport or weather protection.

Packaging company PACK - shrink packing and unrestricted transport - packing large items, shrink wrapping, transport packing, car packing, boat packing, machine packing, sea packing

Description of the large format packaging method:
We use the heat-shrinking properties of polyethylene film, which shrinks and adheres tightly to the packaging item under the influence of temperature. Shrink film packaging is tight and protects against weather conditions.
Keeps packed goods clean and additionally protects against UV radiation.
There are no size limits. We are able to secure, during transport, storage or construction and other works, any size - from agricultural and industrial machines, silos, boats to bridges, building constructions and entire buildings.

Shrink packaging works well in virtually every industry, not just industry. Whats more, it allows you to save up to several thousand zlotys! It is an effective protection against pollution, atmospheric conditions, against poorly prepared transport! In addition, it creates comfortable working conditions, friendly to employees and the environment.

Packaging of unusual shapes, dimensions - packaging for transport, packaging containers, machines, packaging modules; custom shrink hoods.



What can we offer:



Shrink film is often used in shipping. Someone who has already purchased yachts, boats often do not even think about storing them. Meanwhile, our solution allows for effective boat protection, wintering yachts, and storage of sailboats. Every owner of marine equipment should have a shrink wrap. When buying expensive equipment, you should rethink its storage. That is why we dedicate our services primarily to people who have nowhere to winter the boat, for whom wintering of marine equipment is problematic. Whats more, you cant forget about transport. There have been cases of scratches or destruction of boats, which is why we offer safe, comprehensive transport of boats. People with this type of equipment should know that boat shrink protection is very effective and inexpensive.



Traveling is an activity that all our customers like. Many of them have modern, advanced campers, caravans, motorhomes, which, unfortunately, does not care enough. And this is a mistake, because inadequate protection of these advanced means of communication results not only in their slow destruction, but also in reducing aesthetic values. For our part, we want to show that shrink film will also work in this case. We want to propose a way to store motorhomes for both caravans and motorhomes. It is an effective, inexpensive and at the same time visually attractive way to secure motorhomes. The extraordinary advantage of our shrink film is also the lack of need for additional space. Storage of trailers, storage of motorhomes in this way can take place in the open air, because the film effectively protects against the effects of weather conditions, UV rays. Therefore, even securing advanced equipment, securing motorhomes, securing trailers can be done thanks to our foil! Just call us!



Contrary to appearances, shrink film allows you to protect not only small objects. We prove that we also secure huge objects, such as airplanes, gliders, helicopters, airframes. Therefore, if someone has their own glider and is interested in securing gliders, they will find the right service for us. Thanks to this, without having a professional hangar, it can effectively protect your glider. But thats not all, we also offer private helicopter and airframe securing. We also invite larger companies to cooperate with, which we can offer aircraft storage, helicopter storage and airframe storage. The offer is interesting because it does not require additional space, the machines are carefully protected, protected against weather conditions and UV rays. The offer is beneficial for both private recipients and companies.




Packaging of objects with the use of heat-shrink foil will be perfect for both individual clients and companies. We offer comprehensive protection of items for Polish and foreign exports. We know from experience that the transport of items can be unreliable, often our customers deal with damage and scratches, for




We have already described the very diverse use of our shrink film. This time we show that they can be used commercially typically. One of the more well-known industries is industrial and agricultural. We offer and often perform, securing industrial machines and securing and securing agricultural machines. There are different situations, not everyone has a place to safely store machines, which is why the protection of large-size objects with foil always works. Whether during transport or when wintering, packaging with thermal foil is always effective. But thats not all, the film will work everywhere where we deal with large-size objects. Securing large items that simply do not have space, securing large dimensions, packing oversized items, packing large dimensions, which can be tedious, all is done by one foil! Solid, durable, aesthetic. The large-scale security we provide is safe and fast, so that the customer does not have to devote too much of his valuable time to us. Whats more, we also have less typical orders in the portfolio, such as securing control cabinets, securing elements of wind farms, securing oversize loads and securing large loads. If you are interested in protecting the structure in foil, call us immediately! We provide quick delivery time!



arms industry

Shrink wraps also work well in the arms industry. We have secured military vehicles during their transport and wintering. But thats not all, we offer securing armored vehicles, securing tanks, securing military equipment. This is a fairly specific industry, which is why our services are provided accordingly. The whole is carried out in accordance with the needs of customers, the foil used effectively protects advanced military equipment. These types of services require proper preparation and are dedicated to state institutions. We encourage you to contact us and place orders.




The orders described above were the most standard and typical. We have many more in our portfolio, especially the less standard ones. Shrink film also works well in culture. Contrary to appearances, all monuments and fountains must also have adequate protection, without which they will destroy and expose customers to costs. Therefore, we come up with a proposal to implement such protection, they are protecting fountains, monuments protection and monuments protection. We also have a packaging proposal for homeowners, communities and cooperatives. First of all, securing playgrounds for the winter, which will allow you to have fun next season! The protective foil we use is effective, it is durable, it is resistant to rain, snow and UV rays. Thanks to this, it effectively protects every object. From less traditional orders, we also secured silos, turbines, heavy balers. Also available for purchase is transport film, large-size heat shrink packaging, large format heat shrink packaging. We guarantee protection of large tanks at a great price. It is worth calling today!

As we can see, there are many possibilities of using this form of packaging. No wonder that more and more customers, more and more companies are using it. For our part, we want to ensure that we have described all of the above cases on our own experience. Our customers often come back to us, packing more objects!


How does the objects packaging work using shrink film?

The technology uses shrink film made of polyethylene resin, which shrinks under the influence of heat, adapting to the object. The coating created in this way provides excellent protection against weather conditions, UV radiation.


But it is not everything. What else ensures the use of shrink film:

perfect protection during transport
perfect protection against external factors
strengthening the integrity of the structure
aesthetics of performance
possibility of placing a logotype
relatively inexpensive storage option

Application example:

scaffolding protection
boat protection
bridge protection
protection of building halls
outdoor storage of goods

Our clients opinion: "Quite recently, I was transporting a fairly large item. I did not use the packaging service because it seemed unnecessary to me. In the meantime, the item was damaged during transport, probably damaged by trees, lighting or energy traction. Unfortunately, I could not find the culprit. neither the warehouseman nor the carrier nor the insurer felt guilty. The second time I used packaging services and everything


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